Healing stays for children

Healing stays for children

For many children with health problems, regular visits to the spa represent a chance for a better quality of life. Especially for the youngest children who are burdened with predisposition for a development of future disease (e.g. asthma), repeated spa treatment leads even to the suppression of these dispositions. The disease would either not develop in later age, or it will be positively influenced. The spa treatment should, however, start as soon as possible.

What can children be treated with at the spa?

In recent years, the number of asthmatic children with allergic rhinitis and recurrent respiratory infections has increased. Their treatment in spas is based on the favorable influence of climate, using mineral water for bathing, inhalation and drinking cures, great emphasis is placed on medical rehabilitation. Spa treatment has excellent results in curing conditions after sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and a chest and lung surgeries.

Also, the treatment of the children with musculoskeletal disorders has a great tradition in our country. Mostly it concerns the conditions after injuries, orthopedic surgeries and scoliosis treatments. The Czech Republic gained a worldwide fame for spa treatment of cerebral paralysis. Natural resources and active rehabilitation in spas have been successfully used in treatments of children with oncological diagnoses, with circulatory, digestive tract, kidney and urinary tract diseases, diabetes, thyroid disorders, skin and gynecological diseases and mental disorders.

The spa is also an ideal way to start a new, healthy lifestyle for overweight children. The spa program includes a wide range of treatments from therapeutic physical training, walking and exercising on an exercise bike up to bathing, swimming and education by the nutritional therapist. Do not worry that your child will starve or be tormented by a less varied diet - reduction diet is healthy, tasty and it also meets the requirements of the child's body growth and development.

Why is the spa treatment suitable for children?

Treatment by natural healing resources is efficient and also friendly to the child's body. Children, who undergo spa treatments, are sick less often, they are prescribed with antibiotics to a much lesser extent, and even their doses of essential medicines are reduced. Mothers, who accompany their little kids, attend all the procedures and they can apply the learned techniques and acquired knowledge at home after the spa stay is concluded.

When to start with a spa treatment?

The spa treatment should begin during the age of 2 to 3 years when the child is able to actively participate in spa treatments. Small clients arriving to stay with their parents very well adapt to the new environment and work well with doctors and nurses.