Why to go to Czech spas

Why to go to Czech spas


Balneological treatments have been a part of the Czech spa tradition for many hundreds of years. Over the centuries, the spas have been a place of healing, rest and relaxation for many important people of social, cultural and political life - from J.W.Goethe to F.Kafka, F. Chopin or former presidents T.G. Masaryk and Václav Havel. Even the Czech King Charles IV himself regularly enjoyed the benefits of a spa stay. At the end of the 19th century, Czech spas reached such fame that they were described as “the Salons of Europe”. Today, the Czech Republic is one of the world spa leaders. The exceptional spa facilities can be found in almost every region of our country.

Top quality and professionalism

Czech spas are esteemed for quality health care and progressive treatment and rehabilitation methods. One of the greatest assets contributing to the excellent therapeutic results of the spas is the highly qualified personnel (doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses). It is no coincidence that in 2006, a spa from the Czech Republic was the first to receive the EUROPESPA med© certificate - a prestigious quality award of the European Spa Association in Brussels, which is granted to selected European spas after demanding control and audit of their operations. The Czech Republic, located within the EU, is the country with the highest number of successfully completed certifications.

Enormous potential

The Czech Republic has hundreds of natural mineral springs and rich deposits of peloids (mud, silt and peat), resources of natural gases, and places with a favorable climate. Through the connection of natural riches with medical science, more than thirty spas capable of treating a wide range of diseases have been founded in our country.

Treatment without chemicals

Experts constantly warn against the excessive use of drugs with a number of negative side effects. Fortunately, the modern world is returning to proven natural processes, trying to use the therapeutic effects of natural medicinal sources proven over centuries, through which we can give our bodies more considerate care than with medication treatment or irreversible radical medical intervention.

Long lasting effect

Spa therapy has proven beneficial effects in the treatment of many diseases. These effects are evident not only during the stay, but for a long-term period of several months after the end of the therapy. This is one of the reasons why visitors enjoy returning to the spa regularly.

Cultural and sports activities

In addition to medical and wellness procedures in our spas, you will find many opportunities for sports, social, and cultural activities. Visitors can enjoy the spa resort parks to walk in and the beautiful surroundings of most spas. There are swimming pools, wellness and fitness centers, tennis courts, bike rentals and many other sporting activities available to spa resort guests. Additionally, culture lovers can enjoy a wide range of concerts, theater performances and other enriching events. Many spas also boast a rich history and interesting architecture.

Variety of stays

In addition to traditional treatments, different spa companies offer a variety of relaxation and wellness stays, beauty programs or stays focused on weight reduction.