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Mysterious woods, ragged valleys, mountain streams, plateaus decorated with peaks of the Ore Mountains: all of these sights emphasise the dreamy magic of Jáchymov.

The spa company – the first radon spa in the world – manages the former “Svornost” mine from where radon water with its unique energy-producing properties is fed to the spa facilities. The resort offers a total accommodation capacity of 1,172 beds. As a Neoclassical hotel-type palace, RADIUM PALACE, was one of the best European spa facilities in 1912. The distinctive historical character of this impressive building has been preserved owing to the sensitive approach taken towards its restoration which moved its standard up to a four-star hotel. A winter holiday in the spa resort can be combined with skiing activities in the nearby ski centres in Klínovec or Boží Dar.

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What is treated here


Icon blue heart
II. Circulatory system diseases
Icon blue change
IV. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
Icon blue neuron
VI. Neurological system diseases
Icon blue joint
VII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon blue skin
X. Skin diseases

Spa location

Mysterious woods, ragged valleys, mountain streams, plateaus decorated with peaks of the Ore Mountains: all of these sights emphasise the dreamy magic of Jáchymov. However, the biggest treasure is hidden in the deep underground. Unique curative springs rise from there and bring health to many people. There is no other spa resort in the world with such developed and effective treatment using radon water as here in Jáchymov. It is based on the respected methods of famous Czech rehabilitation, a world-unique concentration of radon and the individual approach of local physicians. Moreover, the spa resort radiates a kindly atmosphere, peace and calmness. Baths in thermal water with a high content of radon are used for the Jáchymov treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. Radon is a source of soft alpha radiation which relieves pain, improves the flexibility of joints, blood perfusion and healing, stimulates the regeneration of tissues of the musculoskeletal system, harmonizes vegetative functions, positively affects values of blood pressure and strengthens the immunity of the organism when a whole-body and indicated therapy is applied.

Thermal radon water – with the highest radon concentration per one litre – Běhounek, Agricola, Curie and C1 springs.

Adults: circulatory system diseases, endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, skin diseases

A new modern AQUACENTRUM serves as a place for relaxation as well as entertainment; it offers swimming lanes, a whirlpool, toboggan, a children’s pool and saunas. Right in the Aquacentrum you can enjoy all wellness services, such as massages, a salt cave, acupuncture, or cryotherapy. In the centre of the spa resort there are tennis courts, a fitness facility, tanning salon, miniature golf course, and rentals for mountain bicycles and “Nordic walking” poles. Besides traditional hiking, also cycling tours are very attractive. Ski pistes, slopes and cross-country ski trails are available nearby. The Jáchymov region is an ideal place for gamekeeping (the spa has rented the local hunting ground). Visitors can also try the first-rate golf courses.

Trip to the Valley of Little Mills (Údolí Mlýnků): The enchanting Valley of Little Mills is actually located only a few steps from the centre of the spa resort. For decades, each spring the spa guests bring their hand-made mills to decorate the stream and these mills gurgle, clink, bubble, and compete for which one is the best of all.
Library of the Latin School: This is a unique thing that can be found only in Jáchymov. The Library is from the year 1624. It was accessible not only to pupils of Latin school but also to physicians, mining officers and workers. To this day the library has preserved 232 books of various topics, including 52 books of the European incunables.
Špitální kostel (Hospital Church): The oldest surviving structure in the town with many beautiful sculptures and pictures. Moreover, old music concerts are held here.
St. Joachim Church: This significant religious structure, situated in the upper part of the square, was built in the first half of the 16th century. It is a late Gothic structure with a number of significant Renaissance details and rich decorations of the entry portals. Royal Mint Museum: Here you can find all information about the coin called “tolar”. This coin got the European monetary policy moving at its time and named today´s world currency – the dollar.
Ostrov – Posvátný okrsek (The Holy Precinct): The eighth wonder of the world – a renewed Baroque campus of the former Piaristic College is situated right next to the castle park, and many visitors consider this area the eighth wonder of the world.
Klínovec: The highest peak of the Ore Mountains, which visitors can reach by taking a cableway directly from Jáchymov.
Boží Dar peat bog: The largest nature reserve in West Bohemia showing valuable botanic and fauna elements. The dominant feature thereof, Božídarský Špičák (1,115 m above sea level), is the highest nephilin basalt summit in Central Europe.
Rýžovna Shepherd´s Hut: Not far from Boží Dar in the direction of Horní Blatná you will find a charming shepherd´s hut where one can taste regional specialities from local resources – mainly goat and cow cheeses made of milk taken from the cattle grazing on mountain meadows.

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