Léčebné lázně Konstantinovy Lázně a.s.


Konstantinovy Lázně

Konstantinovy Lázně is a small town located north-west of Pilsen in an ecology-clean and fresh woody area 520 metres above sea level.

Léčebné lázně Konstantinovy a.s. makes use of ten spa houses. The accommodation capacity is 404 beds (240 rooms). An example of one is a spa hotel called Jirásek that offers a rehabilitation pool, restaurant and cafeteria with a saloon; in the all-embracing spa house Prusík there is the main balneology centre, dining room and cafeteria. The new Wellness Centre has been open since 2010. The main therapeutic methods in Konstantinovy Lázně result from utilising curative resources – carbonated mineral water, in particular the natural ferrous bicarbonate sodium-magnesium hypotonic mineral water. The Konstantinovy Lázně Spa focuses on prevention, treatment of and recovery from cardiovascular diseases. The secondary treatment indications include mainly musculoskeletal system diseases, metabolism disorders, and respiratory diseases. This spa resort offers a wide range of wellness, relaxation, sports and therapeutic week or weekend stays for clients in every age category.

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What is treated here


Icon blue heart
II. Circulatory system diseases
Icon blue neuron
VI. Neurological system diseases
Icon blue joint
VII. Musculoskeletal system diseases

Spa location

Constantine Spa (Konstantinovy Lázně) is a small town located north-west of Pilsen in an ecology-clean and fresh woody area 520 metres above sea level. The mineral water from Konstantinovy Lázně has the highest content of carbon dioxide in Bohemia and it is very suitable for the treatment of blood circulatory system diseases and musculoskeletal system diseases. A two hundred year tradition of spa treatment is a guarantee of the first quality care offered here. Moreover, nature and peaceful surroundings make Konstantinovy Lázně a perfect place for a family holiday focused on sports activities in nature and subsequent relaxation.

Natural, cold, pure, ferrous, hypotonic hydrocarbonate sodium-magnesium mineral water with an increased content of silicic acid.

Adults: circulatory system diseases, endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases.

After enjoying a cycle trip, Nordic Walking or hiking in the valleys of creeks under the ruins of Gutštejn and Švamberk, guests can rest in a new wellness centre with a pool, whirlpools and saunas, or they can take one of the various kinds of massages. Golf training carpets, bike rentals, a Nordic Walking centre, table tennis, a pétanque court and an ice ring for curling in winter are all offered here. Additionally, there are football and volleyball pitches, tennis courts, a miniature golf course, and an outdoor swimming pool. There are good conditions for mushroom pickers in the wide surrounding woods.

Stříbro: A preserved part of the town walls with a magnificent tower built in the Hussite age and the European Gate. The Franciscan Monastery from 13th century presenting museum exhibitions devoted to solver and lead mining.
Bezdružice: A restored Renaissance castle. A unique picture painted on glass imaging the birth of Jesus Christ (author - J. Rybák). Excursion – thematic walks: History of mining in the Stříbro area, Hradišťský vrch, Šipín, valley of the Kosí River, romantic ruins of the Gutštejn Castle, Krasíkov Castle (Švamberk), following the resources of history, Ovčí vrch and others.
Teplá: Premonstraten Monastery from 12th century with the most valuable and the second largest library in the Czech Republic, and the Romanesque-Gothic Church of the Announciation.

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