Lázně Bělohrad a.s. – Sanatorium for Children and Teenagers


Bělohrad Spa (Lázně Bělohrad)

The town of Lázně Bělohrad is located in the wide river basin of Javorka, surrounded by the woody hills Kamenná Hůra, Zvičina, and Hořický Chlum.

The Children´s Department of the Spa Sanatorium treats children and teenagers from the ages of 6 to 18 years who suffer from musculoskeletal system diseases. Since 1 January 2008 they have also been treating young girls from 6 to 15 years of age, suffering from gynaecological diseases. The treatment is based on individual therapeutic physical education using special methodologies. These are mainly soft and mobilization methods, sensomotoric stimulation methodology, Vojta´s reflex locomotion, Schrotova´s methodology, Mojžíšova´s methodology, other facilitation methodologies, breathing exercises, yoga, deep stabilisation system exercises, including pelvic floor muscles and others.

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Rašínova 152
Lázně Bělohrad
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What is treated here


Icon white cancer
XXI. Oncological diseases
Icon white neuron
XXVI. Neurological system diseases
Icon white joint
XXVII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon white skin
XXX. Skin diseases
Icon white female
XXXI. Gynecological diseases

Spa location

The town of Lázně Bělohrad is located in the wide river basin of Javorka, surrounded by the woody hills Kamenná Hůra, Zvičina, and Hořický Chlum. A beautiful park, Bažatnice, with varied vegetation specimens offers peat ponds which were the reason for the foundation of the Lázně Bělohrad Spa. Actually, the spa was founded in 1885 by the Prussian countess Anna of Asseburg who made the first successful experiments with the local peat and its curative effects. Boggy soil treatment, fresh mountain air and a peaceful atmosphere - all these factors are important for successful and beneficial treatment of patients with various health problems.

Sulphur-ferrous peat local resources, mineral water – ferrous acidulous.

Adults + children and teenagers: neurological diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, skin diseases and gynaecological diseases.

In the magical environment of the Bažatnice park nearby the spa zone you can find and try outdoor tennis courts, indoor tennis courts, a volleyball field, football pitch, miniature golf course, and a pétanque field. When walking through the town centre you can visit the Memorial of K. V. Rais, a native of the Lázně Bělohrad Spa, or visit the Baroque castle from the 18th century built by Giovanni Santini or the Baroque Cathedral of All Saints from the 17th century. A walk to Byšičky – a hillock with a cemetery and the St. Peter and Pavel Church is one of guest’s most favourite activities for its gorgeous view of the “Rais” region. A stay in this spa can be enriched also with concerts, dancing evenings, and interesting discussions or lectures. In the summer, many of these performances are open-air events.

Pecka Castle: An exhibition devoted to Kryštof Harant of Polžice and Bezdružice. Bohemian Paradise: A well-known tourist region – rock town called Prachovské skály, Hrubá Skála, Klokočské skály and other beauties of the area.
Jičín: A gate to Bohemian Paradise and the fairytale town of Rumcajs, the bandit. Nová Paka Jewellery: A museum of precious stones, with large collections of agates, jaspers, amethysts and crystals exposed.
Hořice in Podkrkonoší: The town of stone beauty; many contemporary world artists have created their sculptures and installed them in the natural gallery on the Gothard hill. Forest Kingdom: A picturesque dam constructed on the Labe River within the years 1910–1919.
Dvůr Králové nad Labem Zoo: “Africa with our own eyes” ranks among the most famous and the most beautiful zoos in the Czech Republic. Visitors can find the greatest presentation of African animals in Europe.
Krkonoše: The highest Czech mountains. Thanks to their uniqueness, they have been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

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