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Darkov Spa is situated in the north-eastern region of the Czech Republic near the Polish border.

Rehabilitation Sanatorium

Rehabilitation Sanatorium Karviná-Hranice is a specialised facility for balneorehabilitation of musculoskeletal system diseases and neurological diseases including early rehabilitation of post-traumatic conditions or cerebrovascular diseases. Sanatorium has a unique device for dynamic rehabilitation enables so called The Sling Exercise Therapy. In cooperation with the Physiological Institute in Prague, the department of stabilometry and static post urography was built in Karvina serving for diagnostics and the rehabilitation of balance disorders. Sanatorium is also able to treat spams in neurological patients and it provides a complete therapy for testing and training activities of daily routine and self-sufficiency recovery of the patient.

Darkov Health Resort
Darkov Health Resort is situated in the beautiful surroundings of the spa park and it provides a very pleasant and calming atmosphere. Darkov Health Resort is a historical part of Darkov Spa with a stunning Fryštát Chateau. A set of monitoring of the quality of treatment for specific therapeutic groups was introduced in Darkov Spa.

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What is treated here


Icon blue heart
II. Circulatory system diseases
Icon blue neuron
VI. Neurological system diseases
Icon blue joint
VII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon blue skin
X. Skin diseases
Icon blue female
XI. Gynecological diseases

Spa location

Darkov Spa is situated in the north-eastern region of the Czech Republic near the Polish border. Darkov Spa consists of two spa health resorts: Darkov Health Resort and Rehabilitation Sanatorium, both of which are located in the town of Karviná. Long-standing tradition of local successful spa treatment is based on the presence of the exceptional natural resource - the iodine-bromine water.

Iodine-bromine water – tertiary origin unique mineral water which is used in the form of bath, hyper thermic wrap and inhalation.

Musculoskeletal system diseases – specialisation for conditions after orthopedic operations using joint replacement, neurological diseases, circulatory system diseases, skin diseases, gynaecological diseases

Visitors can find a wide range of cultural programmes and leisure activities directly in the spa town. Many opportunities for sport activities such as tennis, squash, badminton, fitness centre, swimming or ice-skating at any time of the year are available in Karviná town. Visitors can also take a ride on a boat in a local Božena Němcová park. Traditional castle tours are very popular as well as walk in the local parks or historic horse carriage rides during the summer season. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in many Spa cafes or shopping.

Karviná: Fryštát Chateau, Church of Sv. Peter of Alcantara
Chotěbuz near Karviná: Archaeological Park
Těrlicko Dam
Těšínské Beskydy Mountains
Ostrava: Third largest city in the Czech Republic and the administrative center of the Moravian-Silesian Region

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