How to get to the spa

How to choose the correct spa

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How to choose a stay? You can order your stay at the spa yourself (over the telephone, in writing, by e-mail) or through travel agencies, some of which also provide transportation to selected spas. For more information, contact a travel agency. You don’t need a medical recommendation to order a stay at the spa. For your healing stay, choose a spa focused on the treatment of your disease. Recommendations for choosing your stay.

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Spa healing stay. If you suffer from health problems, you would greatly benefit from a healing stay at a spa. Each spa specializes in the treatment of different medical conditions and offers healing stays based on these indications. We recommend sending in a statement from your doctor prior to your visit, or you can also bring the statement with you. Medical visits are supervised by the spa physician, who will prepare an individual treatment plan for you, including appropriate procedures based upon an initial examination and your medical condition.

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Stays focused on relaxation and wellness. At the spa, you can relax, banish stress, and even help prevent potential health problems. Relaxation and wellness stays are intended to provide some rest, replenish energy and regenerate the body and spirit. Each spa offers an extensive variety of already prepared packages and guests can select the one containing procedures that meet their particular needs and desires. Visitors can undergo all of these treatments without health risks. Furthermore, some relaxation and wellness programs also include a consultation with the spa physician. Come to the spa now. Do not wait for health problems to appear, but be proactive in preventing health issues and maintaining your well-being.