Healing stays

Healing stays

Spa therapy has excellent results in the treatment of the musculoskeletal, circulatory and digestive systems, diseases of the respiratory and nervous systems, diabetes treatment, skin diseases, gynecological and endocrinological problems, diseases of the urinary tract, the overweight and obese, and also in treatment of oncological diseases.

Like any other treatment process, even the spa treatment has its own regularities. The healing stay, which usually lasts three to four weeks, goes through several phases:

1. Upon arrival, the adaptation stage begins, taking up to 10 days (depending on the client’s health) and is often characterized by a slight worsening of health problems and fatigue. But this is nothing unusual. 2. Around the second week the patient’s health will begin to improve. 3. Finally, for some indications the fourth week is the phase of stabilization and health improvement.

The healing program

When first arriving to the spa, the client will pass the entrance examination by a spa physician, which is based upon the medical reports from the client’s treating physician and the results of biochemical testing (if necessary). Then, according to the physician’s expertise, he will establish an individual treatment plan for spa procedures.

After the entrance examination, the client will receive a timetable with the exact time and location of their scheduled treatments, including medical examinations to monitor the treatment. At any time during your stay, you are entitled to see a physician outside the scheduled time and consult him about your current condition or the progression of your treatment.

After this, the stay is in standard mode. Procedures are provided from Monday to Saturday throughout the day, most often in the morning.

Free time at the spa

Everyone is free to decide how they would like to spend their free time at the spa. Do not worry that someone would try to control you or force you to comply with a curfew or give you a wake-up call. However, it is in your best interest to adapt even your leisure activities to the therapeutic nature of the stay.