Natural healing resources

Natural healing resources

Natural resources with healing effects, whether concerning thermal and mineral springs, peloids (i.e., peat, silt and mud), hot-spring gases or climatic conditions, are only found in a few locations in the world. One of these areas is Central Europe, and numerous sites are in the Czech Republic. The majority of Czech spas are built around mineral water sources, which are often used for treatments along with hot-spring gases or peloids. Furthermore, three spas specialize in the treatment and prevention of diseases using rare climatic conditions.

Healing sources in balneotherapy

Mineral water is used in spa therapy (balneotherapy), depending on its composition, for many purposes - for drinking cures, inhalations, irrigations, and bathing or underwater massages. Peloids are used for wraps, compresses and baths and have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and skin. Gases are used for subcutaneous application for pain relief and the treatment of functional disorders. An essential part of spa treatment is also the climate - beautiful nature, clean air and altitude may have an additional healing effect.

Healing procedures

Balneotherapy offers a wide range of procedures, which are always recommended by a doctor with regard to the current health of the client. Spa treatments are also part of relaxation and wellness stays.

Healing procedures can be divided into two groups:

  1. unique procedures, which use local natural curative source - baths, wraps, inhalations or drinking cures
  2. additional procedures provided in all spas - hydrotherapy, massages, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, kinesitherapy