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Toušeň Spa (Lázně Toušeň)

The small town and spa of Toušeň is located in a countryside typical of Central Bohemia, at the place where the Labe and Jizera Rivers meet.

The Toušeň Peat Spa is comprised of several buildings in a closed spa zone with its own park adjacent to the buildings and the colonnade. The total accommodation capacity of 80 beds is divided into one Main Building, one peaceful Výslunní Pavilion, and two new apartments, well satisfying the requirements of exacting clients. The spa treatment team achieves excellent results in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, mainly arthritis and Bekhterev disease.

Contact data


326 992 303



Hlavní 19
Toušeň 250 89

What is treated here


Icon blue neuron
VI. Neurological system diseases
Icon blue joint
VII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon blue skin
X. Skin diseases
Icon blue female
XI. Gynecological diseases

Spa location

The small town and spa of Toušeň is located in a countryside typical of Central Bohemia, at the place where the Labe and Jizera Rivers meet. The surroundings are full of green forests ideal for mushroom picking. Those who love fishing can sufficiently satisfy their hobby needs in both rivers and also the Toušeň lake Mezi Mosty. The pleasant environment of the spa park saturated with the scent of permanently green trees and the peaceful atmosphere of the colonnade perfectly supplement the wide offer of the spa and curative procedures provided by the Peat Spa Sanatorium. The flat landscape, studded with a number of green zones, is optimal for quiet walks for patients with limited mobility.

Local resource of sulphur-ferrous peat.

Adults: musculoskeletal system diseases.

We highly recommend going for walks along the Labe promenade, then cycling, mushroom picking and fishing, train and bus trips. The flat landscape with many woody areas is most suitable for those guests who prefer a less active rest.

Stará Boleslav: A pilgrimage place with several churches – St. Wenceslaus Basilica built right on the spot where the Duke Wenceslaus was murdered; the Baroque Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption, famous for its pilgrimages to the Palladium of Bohemia.
Brandýs nad Labem: A Renaissance imperial chateau decorated with graffiti of hunting motifs and a portrait of Rudolf II.
Houštka: A sports stadium in the forest where Emil Zátopek broke eight world records. Přerov nad Labem: An open-air museum of folk architecture from the Labe lowlands and a small Renaissance chateau.
Jirny: A Neo-classicist chateau from the middle of the 19th century, decorated with paintings by Josef Navrátil.
Ostrá: A historical centre of traditional crafts, a peculiar reserve of pottery, string weaving, wood carving, candle making and many others. There is also the Botanicus ecologic farm for growing herbs used in the production of natural additive-free cosmetics.

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