Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s.



This spa resort, situated in the northwest part of Moravia, may justifiably be called a pearl of the Jeseníky Mountains.

The Priessnitz Spa is located on the slopes of Studniční vrch, a 2 kilometre distance from the town of Jeseník. The picturesque complex of the Priessnitz Spa is sensitively integrated into the landscape and forms a prominent landmark of the wide surrounding area. The spa offers high quality accommodation of a three-star category *** in stylish spa houses and guesthouses. All accommodation premises are located in a peaceful environment, ideal for spending a nice holiday. For private patients, a great number of spa or wellness stays are offered – curative, therapeutic, sports or tourist stays.

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Priessnitzova 12/299
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What is treated here


Icon blue cancer
I. Oncological diseases
Icon blue change
IV. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
Icon blue lungs
V. Respiratory system diseases
Icon blue soul
IX. Mental disorders
Icon blue skin
X. Skin diseases


Icon white cancer
XXI. Oncological diseases
Icon white change
XXIV. Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases
Icon white lungs
XXV. Respiratory system diseases
Icon white soul
XXIX. Mental disorders
Icon white skin
XXX. Skin diseases

Spa location

This spa resort, situated in the northwest part of Moravia, may justifiably be called a pearl of the Jeseníky Mountains. In its vicinity, around 80 springs of top quality mountain water rise to the surface; each of them has its own unique composition and original property, emphasized by its distinctive name. Walking on picturesque footpaths leading to the springs is one of the most popular activities of local inhabitants as well as visitors of the Jeseník spa, where the weather is lovely in every season. The Priessnitz Spa’s existence and later fame was initiated by Vincenz Priessnitz, the local folk healer, sometimes called “the water doctor”, who founded the first hydro-therapy institute in the world. This event made Jeseník famous as a “cradle of contemporary balneology”.

Climatic spa.

Adults + children and teenagers: endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, and skin diseases.

Visitors can make use of the tennis courts, miniature golf course, indoor pool with whirlpool, counter current and waterfall, low rope climbing activities, volleyball and foot tennis fields, and playgrounds with multi-purpose equipment for children. Guests can also take advantage of good climate conditions for hiking and Nordic Walking or cycling on bikes or terrain scooters. In winter it is a perfect place for cross country and downhill skiing, and for skating on an artificial ice-skating rink. The spa resort offers many interesting wellness procedures, among which are: lava stone massage, Ayus Lomi, Shiatsu, computer kinesiology, Thai massage of feet, herbal and peat baths, Priessnitz musculoskeletal therapy, crystal or honey massage, paraffin and peat compresses, honey-milk pack, manual and instrumental lymph drainage massage, newly also wine, flower or relaxation beer baths. Visitors can try Sauna World including aroma saunas, Finnish saunas and steam saunas, the Priessnitz trail, a cooling pool and whirlpool for 6 people and a rest zone.

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