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Velké Losiny

The thermal spa Velké Losiny, dating back to 1576, is one of the most well-known and oldest spas in Moravia.

The spa is located in the beautiful surroundings of the spa park. The spa hotel Eliška offers one-stop complex services all under one roof, a high standard of accommodation in elegant hotel rooms, 2 luxurious restaurants, a café with a summer terrace and a fully new balneo centre, which is a first-rate spa department reaching European standards. It ensures high comfort, an intimate atmosphere and an individual approach to all its guests. The spa villa Gazárka offers accommodation in comfortable three-star rooms and is situated at the outer boundary of the spa park. Šárka Sanatorium is designed for adult clients after orthopedic surgery.

A new unique thermal park (the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic) will be opened during the summer 2015. It will include 9 thermal pools with thermal water, saunas (Finnish, salt, steam, and aromatic and ice chamber), massage, exercises in swimming pools, restaurant and access for disabled clients, facilities for families with children. The new thermal park will be a great place not only for relaxation and regeneration but also for entertainment.

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Lázeňská 323
Velké Losiny
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Termální park TERMÁLY LOSINY
Wellness hotel DIANA
Lázeňské sanatorium Šárka
Gazarka leto
Lázeňská vila Gazárka

What is treated here


Icon blue cancer
I. Oncological diseases
Icon blue heart
II. Circulatory system diseases
Icon blue neuron
VI. Neurological system diseases
Icon blue joint
VII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon blue skin
X. Skin diseases


Icon white cancer
XXI. Oncological diseases
Icon white neuron
XXVI. Neurological system diseases
Icon white joint
XXVII. Musculoskeletal system diseases
Icon white skin
XXX. Skin diseases

Spa location

The thermal spa Velké Losiny, dating back to 1576, is one of the most well-known and oldest spas in Moravia. Nowadays the spa continues its esteemed tradition by using highly modern curative procedures and methods including highly specialised spa treatments of locomotive, neurological and respiratory diseases. In the Velké Losiny Spa, visitors and spa guests can have especially outstanding curative effects of local thermal mineral sulphurous water of 36,8 °C. This natural curative source is the basis of hydrotherapy and it aids in muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, the reinforcement of muscular tissue by swimming and it helps a better thermoregulation, too. The spa complex is also attractive, as it is located at the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains with a favourable climate and nice surroundings of the picturesque spa park. A unique outdoor thermal swimming pool is situated within the area of the spa park. The Velké Losiny Spa unites the very best of what a big spa town offers in the calm surroundings of Nature.

Natural, thermal, common mineral sulphurous water of 36.8 °C.

Adults: blood circulatory system diseases, neurological diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, dermal diseases. Children and teenagers: neurological diseases, musculoskeletal system diseases, dermal diseases.

Spa guests can enjoy swimming in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Both the pools are supplied with the same source – thermal sulphurous water. The distinguishing feature of the village is an old paper factory in which paper was handmade and a Renaissance Chateau with a beautiful park. The Jeseníky Mountains are a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, with lots of hiking, cycling and ski tracks.
Witch-hunt cycling tracks will guide you through the witch-hunt processes of the 17th century. In the near-by hotel Diana, tennis and squash courts, a sauna, fitness centre, and petanque are also available.

  • old paper factory in which handmade paper was produced
  • one of the most visited chateaux featuring arcade galleries
  • witch-hunt cycling tracks (witch-hunt processes of the 17th century)
  • hydro power plant Dlouhé stráně – a large pump storage plant, so called the seventh wonder of the Czech Republic
  • ZOO Rapotín (quaint village area, mini-safari, children’s playroom, museum of old cars)
  • Žárová, Maršíkov, Klepáčov – wooden log churches dating back to the 17th century.
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